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Growth and Development Forms

State Float Sample Pictures

DCP_0939.JPG DCP_0940.JPG DCP_0941.JPG DCP_0942.JPG DCP_0943.JPG DCP_0944.JPG DCP_0945.JPG DCP_0946.JPG DCP_0947.JPG DCP_0951.JPG DCP_0906.JPG DCP_0907.JPG DCP_0908.JPG DCP_0909.JPG DCP_0910.JPG DCP_0912.JPG DCP_0923.JPG DCP_0924.JPG DCP_0925.JPG DCP_0926.JPG DCP_0927.JPG DCP_0928.JPG DCP_0929.JPG DCP_0930.JPG DCP_0931.JPG DCP_0932.JPG DCP_0933.JPG DCP_0934.JPG DCP_0935.JPG DCP_0936.JPG

States and Capitals Map

Here are the map pieces to help you study for your states and capitals quizzes.

EETT NETS Student Portfolio

A compilation of our two year participation in the EETT Grant.

Fifth Grade

Click on a teacher's name to visit their classroom website:

  Teacher Name Room Number Phone Extension E-Mail



Stacie Dixon  44 3044




100.jpg Susie Rhodes 43 3043


Nancy Hays/


Hillary Crone

51 3051




0050.jpg Chris Rivard 50 3050 crivard@tvusd.k12.ca.us


Alan Mills



49 3049 amills@tvusd.k12.ca.us

Honor Roll

Honor Roll recognizes academic excellence for fifth grade, and is awarded at the end of each semester. In order to make honor roll for a semester, students must achieve at least two B’s and three A’s or better in the Overall Achievement grade category on the report card. In addition, students must not have any Needs Improvement scores in the Life Skills category on the report card. Honor roll students are recognized at Friday Flag at the end of the semester.


Presidential Academic Award recognizes students who maintained a 3.5 or better GPA (with no C’s) and acceptable scores in Life Skills during all of fourth and fifth grade, as well as Advanced scores on the CST test for fourth grade. Students that meet the criteria for the Presidential Academic Award are announced at 5th grade promotion.

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