Temecula Luiseno Elementary School

Island of the Blue Dolphins Extension Activities

Recycle City



Nitro Type

Mrs. Kraft's Favorite Websites! ENJOY!

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Mrs. Ariana Kraft


Prodigy Math Practice

Parent Conference Sign-Ups

Parent Conferences will take place October 16th-20th.




Gold Rush Webquest

Use the following link to go on an adventure through the Gold Rush.  You will have 7 tasks to complete with journal entries.  Enjoy, and I hope you strike it rich!



TRADING POST 2: Finding a Way--How will you get there? Mapping your route by land or sea.
TRADING POST 3: Travel Partners--It's dangerous to take this journey alone. Who will you take with you?
TRADING POST 4: A Rocky Journey--Travel hardships and adventures.
TRADING POST 5: You've Arrived!--You've made it to the Fields of Gold...now what?
TRADING POST 6: Gold Miner, 49-er--Your life as a treasure hunter.
TRADING POST 7: You've Struck Gold!--What is next?

STORYLINE ONLINE- Picture books are read aloud. Listen and orally summarize the story in 3-5 sentences.

Mission Reports

It's California Mission time!   We will be using books and chrome books to research to write an informational, multiple paragraph essay. The following website is very informative for research. http://factcards.califa.org/

Our class will be building mission models in class during the third week of March. Super Exciting!!!

4th-6th Grade Academic Games


Pearson Math

Typing Practice

Supplies Suggestions

Supplies Suggestions

  • Binder (any size)
  • Personal scissors, glue stick, pencils, highlighter, expo marker and eraser, and something to draw with (crayons, colored pens, and/or markers) to keep in his/her pencil box.

   I will have a class supply of all of these items to use as needed.

California Missions

Renewable Energy Research Links

Fraction Fun!!!

Moby Max

Wow! Electricity Study Jams!

Rocks and Minerals

ABCYA-4th Grade

Animal Research Project

Use the following link to research an animal and take notes.  You will use these notes to write an informational report.  Have fun and happy researching!



Reading Homework

I will be sending home a reading homework packet.  It will be sent home every Monday and will be due two weeks later on a Friday.  This packet focuses on reading fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, summarizing, and offers extension activities for students who find the topic interesting.  This will be a year long project and will focus on 5 different genres of reading.  I'm very excited about this program and hopefully the kids will be too!!! Happy reading!

Rocks and Minerals Computer Activity

Physical Education

Students will be participating in physical fitness activities daily, for at least 20 minutes.  Students need to be dressed appropriately including tennis shoes.  Other shoes may be brought if he/she chooses to change after the activity.  My goals are to teach the students the value of teamwork and skills in a fun manner.  Students will also participate in PE with Mrs. Lindl for 45 minutes every Tuesday.

Wordly Wise Extra Fun Practice!

Click on the link and play a variety of games using the Wordly Wise words! The students are using Book 3 or Book 4 based on his/her current level. Just click on the book and find the lesson number and HAVE FUN LEARNING!