Temecula Luiseno Elementary School


Inland Empire Regional Science Olympiad

Two teams from Temecula Luiseno Elementary School won first and second place in the Inland Empire Regional Science Olympiad competition on Saturday, March 4, in Riverside, CA. The event, which put students through a rigorous set of science-based challenges, featured a total of 18 competing teams. The students began preparing for the competition in November, meeting in class for two hours a week, on weekends, and many hours at home.

The TLES students — who are in the fourth and fifth grades — competed in 18 events involving a range of different sciences. Some students had to study for events where they had to learn everything they could about one subject, such as the human anatomy or weather patterns. In other events, students had to design and build certain items such as pasta racers, rubber powered airplanes, and energy boxes. Still others had to think fast on their feet in events like mystery architecture, density, and grab-a-gram.

The material they studied was very complex, and not typical science at an elementary level. The highly motivated students, in conjunction with the outstanding mentoring and coaching of parents and staff, were able to achieve a high level of success. The teams earned many medals that day, but the passion for science and investigation will live on and flourish.


Posted by: Cindy Hurley Published:3/15/17
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