Temecula Luiseno Elementary School

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Arrival/Dismissal Procedures: 1st-5th Grade

Please discuss with your children where you will be picking them up each day. We have many staff members on duty in these areas to ensure that your child is safe on his/her way to and from school.

Morning Drop-Off and Afternoon Pick-Up:

1. Students may be dropped off and picked up in the loop in front of the school. You must enter from Wolf Creek N and exit on Antelope.

2. When entering the loop, please be courteous to other drivers.

3. Please stay in the right lane and pull to the front of the line. When pulling your car into the circle, always pull up as far as possible. When picking up your child, please don’t stop where your child is standing. We will train the children to move along the curb to meet you.

4. You must stay in your car in the drop-off and pick-up loop. No car should be left unattended in the loop. Please do not pass other cars unless you are getting in the left lane to exit the loop.

5. Parents with kindergarteners need to park on a legal street or parking spot and walk their kindergartener across the crosswalk to the kindergarten gate.

6. Please instruct your child to come to the loop or other predetermined location promptly after school and be alert for your arrival.

7. In addition to our drop-off and pick-up loop, you may also have your child meet you at your car if it is parked along a legal street. Parking is allowed on Antelope, however, there is no parking allowed on Wolf Creek Drive North.

8. Crossing guards are located at the intersections of Pechanga Parkway/Wolf Valley, Loma Linda Drive/Pechanga Parkway, Wolf Creek Drive N & S/Wolf Valley and in front of the school.

9. Please model safety for your child and use crosswalks.

10. Please be patient and courteous with duty teachers.

Thank you for helping us keep your children safe!

Arrival/Dismissal Procedures: Kindergarten


1. Kindergarten students should be walked to the outside gate when school starts. Please park your car on the street or in the lot and walk across the crosswalk to drop-off your kindergartener at his/her class.

2. Please DO NOT park on the red curb area or double park.


1. Kindergarten students will be picked up at the kindergarten gate. Parents and guardians need to wait outside of the kindergarten gate until dismissal time, so as not to disrupt the kindergarten learning time.

2. Please park your car on a legal street or in a parking spot and walk across the crosswalk to pick up your kindergartener at the kindergarten gate.

3. Please DO NOT park in the bus area or along the red curb.

4. To ensure your child’s safety, all kindergarteners must be checked out with the teacher at the end of the day. Should a substitute teacher be present, you may need to show your I.D. when picking up your child.

Thank you for helping us keep your kindergartener safe!